Stallion Rules

A Stallion Owner (or "Member") may subscribe a Stallion on an annual basis for a particular breeding season. A subscription fee of ($2,500 through 2011 breeding season - $1,250 starting with the 2012 breeding season) is due on or before October 15th of the year prior to the breeding season. At the conclusion of the subscribed breeding season, but no later than December 1st, a copy of the Stallion Breeding Report (or Stallion Owner Declaration Form if you don't want Certificates) is due along with a remittance of $125 per mare for all bred mares in excess of the minimum (twenty mares for all breeding seasons through 2011 - ten mares starting with the 2012 breeding season). There is no fee due for mares bred in excess of eighty. The BI then generates Certificates of Invitation (if requested) and returns them to the Stallion Owner for distribution to their customers.  At the Stallion Owners request, the BI will hold the Certificates and distribute them as they are requested.  If a paid-for-mare turns out not to be in foal, a refund will be issued upon receipt of written notification from the Stallion owner to the BI.

All fees not paid by their due dates are subject to a 10% late fee.  Failure to clear past due amounts or submit the required Stallion Reports may be cause for expulsion and forfeiture of fees.  Furthermore, foals from the delinquent breeding season may not be eligible to participate in Breeder’s Invitational events.

A Stallion may be subscribed for previous breeding seasons as long as the Stallion is paid current for all breeding seasons and coming forward including those seasons in-between; catching-up to the current breeding season.  All Stallion reports, annual fees, and late charges must be submitted. No Stallion Subscription may be admitted for foals older than 3 years old. The late penalty for the three year old year is 200%. The late penalty for the two year old year is 100%.  All other late fees are 10%.

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