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Breeder's Invitational is a non-profit corporation formed to promote and enhance the Cutting Horse industry by building another major event with a very large purse. In the first twelve shows the Breeder's Invitational has paid out nearly $20 million and is ranked as one of the major events in the industry.

Stallion Owners become members by annually paying $125 per mare for each mare bred with a minimum of 10 mares and a maximum of 80 mares. The Breeder's Invitational is currently comprised of more than 300 of the premier cutting horse Stallions in the industry and the governing Board of Directors contains some of the industry's leading members.

The breeding Stallion Owner and Mare Owner split 60/40 a payout of 10% of what each finalist is paid in all classes of the Derby. In the first twelve shows the Breeder's Invitational has paid out nearly $1.4 million to Stallion Owners and Mare Owners.

BI actively advertises the program as well as the Stallions and solicits corporate sponsors to increase the purse even more. All revenues are held in a guaranteed account and quarterly financial statements are available for all members. A final accounting is issued after each event.

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